Office of the Arizona Governor Doug Ducey
Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family

Strengthen the health and safety of Arizona's communities through collaboration and capacity building across the state. 


Develop and implement programs, strategies, and initiatives to strengthen the continuum of services in communities through partnerships with community, faith, private, public, and tribal partners. 

Executive Summary

The Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family's Strategic Plan reflects goals to be accomplished in five key areas: 

Goal 1: Integrate continuous quality improvement into agency operations to streamline and optimize our organization. GOYFF began implementation of Arizona Management System (AMS) in February of 2018 and projects full implementation in the third quarter of 2018 resulting in standard work. 

Goal 2: Optimize grant management through standardization of protocols and processes which will increase timely sub-grantee reimbursement; augment GOYFF funding streams; conduct compliance site visits; and facilitate timely submission of required grant reports. 

Goal 3: Strengthen relationships and programs with key stakeholders including state agencies, local governments, Tribal Nations and communities, faith and communitybased organizations, philanthropy, and other service providers. This will be accomplished through improved standard work, implementation of GOYFF Tribal COnsultation, and increased AmeriCorps positions across the state. 

Goal 4: Enhance GOYFF staff producitivity and service delivery through shared accountability. 

Goal 5: Transform Arizona's agencies and partners into a trauma-informed and family-focused service delivery system. GOYFF will support partners in the development of action plans to decrease the incidence of Adverse Childhood Experiences and increase trauma informed services.