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Arizona Human Trafficking Prevention Efforts Lead Way For Nation

January 17, 2019

PHOENIX- Governor Doug Ducey and Cindy McCain discussed human trafficking prevention and awareness efforts across Arizona during a press conference Thursday afternoon.

McCain said that the Arizona Human Trafficking Council has trained more than 31,000 people to identify signs of human trafficking and what to do when they see it.

She said that this includes special training for prosecutors, law enforcement, ER nurses, and school resource officers.

Also, the McCain Institute partnered with Arizona State University’s sex trafficking research to develop a project called STARFISH.

“We are becoming a national example for innovative programming on trauma informed victim care and prosecution of traffickers,” said McCain. “Make no mistake there is more to do and we will continue to work together to end this horrific crime in our state and around the world.”

Governor Ducey was appointed to the National Advisory Council on Human Trafficking.

In the spring, council members will make a visit to Arizona to discuss our state’s success in fighting human trafficking.