Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family

Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family

Substance Abuse Prevention Initiatives

Arizona RX Toolkit

Arizona loses someone every day to the abuse of prescription painkillers or illegal opioids like heroin. Take concrete steps to protect your friends, children, and loved ones from the opioid epidemic.


Arizona Substance Abuse Prevention Resource 

The Arizona Substance Abuse Partnership's Community Outreach and Training Workgroup has worked diligently with the Arizona National Guard Counterdrug Task Force Civil Operations team to create the Arizona Prevention Resource website with the vision of having a centralized location for state and national resources targeted towards substance misuse prevention training and education for all sectors of the community. 


I've Got Something Better 

Arizona teens are finding #SomethingBetter to do than engage in underage drinking, smoking marijuana, and vaping - all while building life skills based around their interests and passions. 


Overcome Awkward

Talking to your teen about the consequences of underage drinking, smoking marijuana, and vaping can be awkward. Overcome that momentary feeling and become your teen's best defense to live a healthy life. 


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