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Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family

2021 Arizona Summit on Volunteerism and Civic Engagement

Since 2010, the Arizona Summit on Volunteerism and Civic Engagement has provided the opportunity for individuals, groups, leaders, and representatives of Arizona's volunteer, civic engagement, and service-learning communities to further develop and foster their skills to better serve Arizona communities.

The Summit consisted of twelve workshops designed to inspire, energize, and mobilize volunteerism and civic engagement leaders of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. 

Due to current circumstances, and to ensure the safety of participants, the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family (GOYFF) engaged community members and stakeholders through a free, virtual, four-day event. Join community leaders, educators, young people, businesses/corporations, foundations, and other professionals to identify impactful opportunities to give back to Arizona communities through the power of volunteerism and civic engagement.

Workshop Videos

  • Equally Inclusive Volunteer Pool For All Organizations
    Crystal Petry, Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), Northern Arizona University 
    Communities are best served when volunteer organizations reflect the diversity of the community. Inclusivity is something easily incorporated with a targeted approach to volunteer recruitment. In this workshop, measurements will be used to show growth of numbers in people of color, and men who want and will volunteer when given the opportunity. Learn more on strategic targeted marketing and what can be done to prioritize an equally inclusive volunteer pool within your organization.
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  • The Flame and the Journey: Leadership Development from the New Politics Leadership Academy Way
    Max Klau, New Politics Leadership Academy
    Learn how we reconnect servant leaders to their own deepest source of purpose and challenge them to confront their own shadow. Expect to encounter a new understanding of leadership - and of yourself - that is provocative and powerful. This workshop will present a model of leadership development that illuminates the connection between inner change and outer change to give greater clarity about personal mission. Expect to gain higher consciousness regarding personal shadow.
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  • Combating Social Isolation During a Pandemic and Beyond: A Transformative Approach to Building Relationships Through Virtual Platforms
    Melissa Hernandez & Deidre Crawley, Center for Service & Volunteerism at Northern Arizona University
    This session takes participants on Northern Arizona University (NAU) Center for Service and Volunteerism’s (CSV) journey complete with an itinerary of learnings, celebrations, and detours that led to the Tech Connect Program. This workshop illustrates a collaborative learning opportunity that generates a unique template for AmeriCorps programs to address social isolation issues. Participants will learn how to build virtual relationships, prepare trainings, delegate to expand capacity, and create safe and fun learning environments. Expect to gain knowledge on emergency and periodic communication, virtual tools, hardware, apps, partnerships, lessons learned, and meaningful relationships.
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  • A Digital Dilemma: Creating Intentional Networks of Impact
    Justin McBride, Social Profit Initiative
    From YouTube to TikTok, social entrepreneurs and nonprofit/government agencies have been chasing trends on a quest to mimic the viral success of others. What if social impact could be at the forefront of a new “social media”? This workshop will introduce a colossal shift in how you think about the online world with key concepts that include: Social Media vs Digital Presence, Impact vs Impressions, and Networks of Impact. It’s time to transition from a scattered combination of in-person programs, social media, and virtual efforts to deliberate networks spanning digital and physical spaces.
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  • Understanding Why People Donate Their Time
    Alexandria Kouumdjieva, Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at Maricopa Community Colleges
    Before an organization can begin recruiting volunteers, they must first understand who volunteers and why. While some people may only relate to their own personal reasons for volunteering, organizations must articulate the relationship between the service and the benefit to the volunteer. Participants will explore why people volunteer, their motivational needs, and how to target recruitment strategies to achieve program goals. Join this workshop to learn how to develop motivating messages in recruitment communications and throughout the volunteers' service within the organization. 
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  • Nothing For Me Without Me - A National Service Diversity Panel
    Sarai Richter, Arizona State University Lodestar Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Innovation
    The purpose of the workshop is to provide a platform for service members from underrepresented communities to have a chance to talk about their service, and to give a spotlight to representation within National Service. Participants will discuss what diversity looks like in National Service, how identity plays a role in service, and touch on the importance of for the community/by the community.
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  • Is Your "Networking" Working?
    Robin Hanson, Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits
    Learn about how to make and maintain connections with people. This workshop will cover the Do's and Don'ts of: an effective elevator pitch, networking etiquette, and how to network virtually.
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  • Civic Learning through School Participatory Budgeting: An Inclusivity Approach
    Madison Rock, Center for the Future of Arizona
    School Participatory Budgeting (SPB) is a civic learning tool designed to build student agency, collaboration, and critical thinking while creating pathways and opportunities to contribute to communities and civic life long-term. This workshop will examine SPB as a model for improving Arizona's civic health, and explore a new approach to intentionally engage students with disabilities in every aspect of the process. Participants will learn about SPB, understand how to bring the model to their school, organization, or community, and receive a toolkit on inclusive practice for SPB processes.
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  • More Bang for Your Buck: Establishing a Volunteer Intern Program to Benefit Students and Your Agency
    Amy Bocks, Arizona Attorney General's Office of Victims Services
    This workshop outlines the benefits and challenges of using volunteer interns. It provides a plan for developing a new volunteer intern program and identifying internal stakeholders. The workshop allows for discussion of common issues that arise when working with students in a professional governmental or non-profit organization. Participants receive real-world knowledge to apply to a new or continuing volunteer intern program. The presentation addresses the importance of diversity among candidates, working with college internship coordinators, recruitment, and engagement.
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  • Teambuilding Tools
    Mike Hauser, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension
    With 5 generations in the workforce, difficulty in work styles and communication can result in tension and misunderstanding, but differences can invite new ideas, unprecedented growth and serving clientele like never before. The goal of this workshop is to show how activities can teach inclusion, problem solving, and communication. Something as simple as an ice breaker at the beginning of a staff meeting can bring people together. Most think of “games” as a time killer between activities. Participants will learn how to facilitate basic activities that require little or no supplies to get individuals within your organization engaged, excited and enthused!
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  • Being of Use - Reflections on Service in AmeriCorps
    Bob Shogren, Casa Grande Alliance
    This interactive, discussion-based workshop will take participants on a fun and wandering journey through thinking about what it means to serve in AmeriCorps. The participants will share in creating new perspectives on being in service to others, being present, and sharpening thoughtful leadership practice.
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  • Aligning Purpose & Impact in Your Organization
    Annalisa Holcombe, 
    Connection Collaborative
    How do you honor the time individuals are contributing to your organization? How do you accurately report the impact your volunteers and employees are creating? If we do indeed “vote with our dollars” and view money as a way to express our values, how do we ensure our values and the impact we create are aligned? This workshop will uncover advanced techniques to align organizational (and individual) values with the impact of the dollars you spend, the time you invest, and how to create meaningful reports that accurately reflect that investment.
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